$0 Down Bankruptcy®* Minnesota Attorneys

Chapter 7 – Discharge of Debt

· Most offices require payment of attorney fees up front (plus the filing fee) before a bankruptcy petition is filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

· Hoglund Law Office’s third party guarantor monthly payment plan takes the burden off of clients, who cannot afford a lump sum payment to get their case filed.

· Typical payments are $90-100 per month

· Also, some clients cannot afford to wait to file their case because of levies and garnishments. The third party guarantor plan does not require a waiting period to file the bankruptcy petition while the client is trying to save up the attorney fees.

Chapter 13 – Debt reorganization

· Our office does not ask for any attorney fees up front before filing a debt reorganization plan.

· Furthermore, the attorney fees are paid out of the monthly Chapter 13 payment.

· You do not have to pay for an initial attorney consultation and you do not need to have any money at the initial consultation.

*Filing fees to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court have to be paid up front at the time your petition is filed. Chapter 7 $306. Chapter 13 $281.

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